Soda Variety 12 Pack

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Sparkling Water & Real Squeezed Fruit

12 Can Variety Pack

Rhubarb 4 x 330ml 
Elderflower 4 x 330ml 
Cherry 4 x 330ml 

MADE WITH REAL FRUIT - Blended with real fruit ingredient for a hit instead of a hint flavour.

HEALTHY ALTERNATIVE - Our sparkling drinks are the perfect healthier alternative to the usual fizzy drinks, they taste delicious however don’t include any added sugar or artifical sweeteners, naturally.

3 SIMPLE INGREDIENTS - All of our sparkling drinks include 3 simple ingredients: 1. Real Squeezed Fruit 2. Sparkling Water 3. Natural Flavourings.

LOW CALORIE - Sub 50 Calories - No added sugar - No artificial sweeteners - Vegan Friendly - All Natural.

GIVING BACK - Fantastic not plastic, carbon neutral by end of 2021.

OUR MISSION - Dalston's is leading the charge for next generation healthy fizzy drinks. By going back to basics, using real natural ingredients, we're passionate about offering the tastiest and healthiest fizz. We are soda with soul.


We’ve removed all added refined sugar from our drinks to make sure we’re developing the healthiest and tastiest fizzy drinks on the planet.  And most importantly, stayed well away from artificial sweeteners.   Our soft drinks now deliver bundles of flavour at a permissible sub 50 calories per can level.  

You can have your fizz and drink it after all!  We hope you love them as much as we do.


Sparkling Water, Apple Juice (from Concentrate), Rhubarb Juice (4%), Lemon Juice (from Concentrate), Natural Flavourings. 

Nutritionals per 100ml: Energy KJ: 51, Energy Kcal: 12, Fat (g): 0, of which saturates: 0, Carbohydrates (g): 3, of which sugars (g) : 3, Protein: 0, Salt: 0.  *contains naturally occurring sugars from fruit.

Elderflower Soda
Sparkling Water, Apple Juice (from Concentrate), Elderflower Extract, Natural Flavouring.

Nutritionals per 100ml: Energy KJ: 58, Energy Kcal: 14, Fat (g): 0, of which saturates: 0, Carbohydrates (g): 3.4, of which sugars (g) : 3.3, Protein: 0, Salt: 0. *contains naturally occurring sugars from fruit.

Cherry Soda
Sparkling Water, Sweet and Sour Cherry Juices (from Concentrate 14%), White Grape Juice (from Concentrate), Natural Flavourings.

Nutritionals per 100ml: Energy KJ: 54, Energy Kcal: 15, Fat (g): 0, of which saturates: 0, Carbohydrates (g): 3.2, of which sugars (g) : 3.1, Protein: 0, Salt: 0.  *contains naturally occurring sugars from fruit.



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